Gruesome Maggie Murdaugh autopsy photo leaks after being caught on livestream

Gruesome Maggie Murdaugh autopsy photo leaks after being caught on livestream

During the trial of Alex Murdaugh for the murder of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, Judge Clifton Newman accused a courtroom spectator of leaking an autopsy photograph not intended for public viewing. However, it has since been discovered that the photo was accidentally shown during a Tuesday Livestream by WGN News.

Judge Newman addressed the matter after sentencing Murdaugh to two consecutive life sentences, stating that the photo had been taken from within the well of the court, not the audience.

The photo in question shows Maggie Murdaugh deceased with an entry wound below her left ear. It was displayed on one of the prosecution’s screens during closing arguments, when a prosecuting attorney lifted the screen’s cover, revealing the photo. Dr. Ellen Reimer, a pathologist with the Medical University of South Carolina, was on the stand to discuss the autopsy at the time.

WGN News later confirmed that the pool camera had shown the photo for a few seconds due to a technical issue. The photo was then taken by internet trolls and shared on various message boards.

A spokesperson for WGN issued a statement saying that the camera was not operated by the news channel and that the video had been removed from its streaming platforms.

The leak was compared to the recent case of Vanessa Bryant, who was awarded $29 million in a suit against LA County after photos from the scene of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, Kobe Bryant, and daughter, Gianna, were circulated by sheriffs and fire department employees.

Judge Newman emphasized the importance of protecting the privacy of those involved in the case and warned of the potential legal consequences of such leaks.

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the murders of his wife and son, and he also faces charges related to 99 financial crimes. He maintained his innocence during his sentencing hearing

Sarthak Rathore